One of Southern Colorado's most legendary concert & event venue locations at 1725 W. Pueblo Blvd, the best place to bring your family for great food and EPIC entertainment. Host your own special events at Fiestiamos and enjoy fresh food, live music, and a clean atmosphere. 

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What We Provide

Banquet Catering

Exceeding Expectations

Brass Saddle is committed to excellence both as a stunning venue space and with the services we provide. Clients can choose from our popular Banquet Catering services, or customize their own. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we’ll accommodate all of your Banquet Catering needs, with the entire Brass Saddle team here to serve you.

LIVE K.I.C.H Radio Djs

An Exquisite Experience

These services are a wonderful way to add a unique element to your special event. Regardless of what your musical preference needs are, we guarantee that the Brass Saddle team can manage every request to your precise specifications. Our DJ services are ready for your celebration so get the party started and contact us today (719) 994-2088

Event Hosting

Professional and Beautiful

Dependable service is at the foundation of every great Brass Saddle event. Our dedicated and detail-oriented venue staff guarantee the success of your special occasion by providing personalized Event Hosting services that meet and exceed expectations. Brass Saddle elevates any event with a variety of Event Hosting options to perfectly complement your celebration.

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